Conditions Treated

Many people ask what conditions can be treated with Chinese medicine. In fact, Chinese medicine is a complete system of medicine which can be used to treat any medical condition. In the West, Chinese medicine is primarily associated with acupuncture, and acupuncture is mainly associated with treatment of pain syndromes. Indeed acupuncture is one of the most useful therapies for treating any kind of pain. In clinical trials it usually proves to be as effective or more effective than pharmaceutical or surgical treatment without the side effects that drugs often entail or the risks associated with operations.

The usefulness of Chinese medicine goes well beyond pain syndromes, however. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are effective for the whole range of internal conditions, from digestive and gynecological disorders to "modern" conditions such as allergies and auto-immune disorders. The unique diagnostic and therapeutic models of Chinese medicine are flexible enough to encompass virtually any medical condition. It is often the case that diseases for which standard allopathic medicine is unable to provide a cure can be effectively treated within the scope of Chinese medicine.

The information provided here on specific medical conditions is in no way exclusive. If you have questions concerning a medical condition which is not mentioned here, feel free to contact us at (505)-890-9378.